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wont let me type in my name for rewards

Added Rob 19.09.2017, 19:58

i click on to the game that shows i get 3100 points and then when i do i'm brought to this page that only lets me see the "play now" button but there is no pop up that shows i can enter a name i've already downloaded it and clicked on it thinking that was the problem but it doesn't show up i litterally downloaded this game for nothing then because only reason i did was because of the point. can someone help me maybe i'm missing something

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30.09.2017, 23:44

Here is my guess. When you click on the play now, it gives you a certain amount of time to start the quest. Then extra time to complete them, you must have ran out of time to enter your name. I almost did for the same game, but i'f i'm not mistaken it will refresh in a couple days or so. That way you can complete the offer.