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about quest number 1

Added Gman042 11.08.2017, 20:27

It says i didnt get quest one complete cause it said the screenshot wasnt showing new character etc nickname in the game and it wasnt accepted it wasnt cropped or anything i did the F9 take screenshot and posted the picture it showed my new character and nickname and it says my nickname wasnt shown when i looked at the picture myself.

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13.08.2017, 02:10

When it asked for Nickname when you entered it, did you enter your account name or your characters name?



17.10.2017, 02:56

You have to take a screenshot of your character in game, not in character selection. It also has to show everything that the certain quest requires. If you need more help, go to and send in a support ticket, where our game staff can sort you through any technical problems.