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I've gotten to lvl 15 and there was not quest telling me to reach lvl 15.

Added Dank 14.07.2017, 18:20

So when i hit level 12 (Grinded about 3 hours to go from 1 to 12) it showed me the next quest and when i was nearing level 15. It didn't show me i had to hit level 15 as a quest. It only showed me level 17 after finishing my quests with the dominions. right now im level 17 or 18 and i can't revert it. i sent 2 different screenshots

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15.10.2017, 03:19

Sorry for this problem. Send in a support ticket at with your problem selected, and our game reviewers will be able to sort you out there. Thanks.



15.10.2017, 03:21

Sorry for your problem. Send in a support ticket at and one of our game reviewers should be able to help you out. Thanks.