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Major issue- Punished for playing the game?

Added thepalmtreeisaspy 13.08.2018, 19:49

So, I signed up for the game like asked, entered the proper nickname. I completed the first quest but it got denied because 'it didn't show the entire window'. It took them around 12 or so hours to deny my quest, so I had played quite a lot inbetween that time (I like to get head starts on my next quests). So I retook the picture of the whole window (At a higher level), with the same nickname, and a different mod must have reviewed it because they denied it for 'due to our anti cheat policy, you must be at the level that the quest requires'. Please, some help!

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13.08.2018, 20:57

Hello, thepalmtreeisaspy. Unfortunately, you will have to restart with a new account on Imperia. By now you should know to take a screenshot of the whole screen and to not go ahead of the quests. After you make a new account, you can contact our support to tell them your new account's name.



14.08.2018, 18:31

Let me say, my first quest also got denied.
And it is stupid that you can not do the same quest again if you already showed that you did the same thing a day beforehand.
Context needs to play a role in your anti-cheat policy.