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I Can't Upload My Screenshot

Added Nol 13.12.2017, 01:47

I sent my screenshot for the "Expand the Military University to level 2" quest, and it was declined because "No visible nickname in the screenshot". That's not reason I am posting this though. Ever since my screenshot has been declined, I have not been able to send any more screenshots on any game or on any quest. I drag my screenshot over, and it shows that I have dragged it over and into the area successfully... but then it shows the loading bar forever, I have tried leaving it open in another tab for a while, but it shows no progress. Please help, I was hoping to complete a lot of quests this week and I don't want this to stop me. Thanks in advance. :)

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14.12.2017, 02:00

Try using a different browser, or deleting your cookies on your current browser for gamekit. It won't remeber your password, but it should clear up your problem.