Discount on: Resource Deliveries

18.01.2021, 08:26

Dear Players,Resource Delivery: Building Material (Massive) 30%Resource Delivery: Building Material (Large) 25%Resource Delivery: Building Material (Normal) 10%Resource Delivery: Marble (Massive) 30%Resource Delivery: Marble (Large) 25%Resource Delivery: Marble (Normal) 10%Resource Delivery: Wine (M... (read more)

Version 0.6.5

16.04.2015, 00:00

Hi, Today the Version 0.6.5 has been impelemnt on the Test Server S666. It includes some modifications such as: speeding up building upgrade now no longer costs Ambrosia or changes to the friend's list will now be shown without reloading the entire page. It also bring many bug fixes. Click here ... (read more)

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