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Let me tell why I got rejected

Added Emmelive 04.03.2018, 00:16

So, I play to lvl 5 right, the first quest. I play the game more for fun later. Until I'm lvl 22.

"Congratulations! Your task has been approved and points were added to your account balance. Log in to Gamekit to earn more points and exchange it on rewards!"

Next quest get lvl 10. "Oh that's easy I'm lvl 22 already". Sends screenshot

"The quest 2 in the game Hunter X Online has not been accepted due to the reason: Due to our anti-cheating rules, the level has to be the exactly the same as the level required by the quest"

How could I know the future quest requirement, my screenshot being accepted? These quests are meant to make us start playing the game. Not wait 2-4 days for a review, then start playing the game again. And to make us go, "oh yeah that game, I forgot that" and then play only because of the quest. These companies want a player base right, they paid and they got a player from this occasion right. Not anymore, because I might be a cheater

Thank you Gamekit

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04.03.2018, 00:33

Glad you enjoy the game, unfortunately in order to spot cheaters, we require certain quests be done in order to reward you points. Some people end up cheating by using a previously owned account which is why we don't accept levels higher than what the quests ask for.

We are working on making our system faster for accepting screenshots, but for the moment you will have to wait to know what the quests are, or can search or ask on the forums in order to find out ahead of time. You can also screenshot every level you achieve to be safe, but some quests may ask you for a certain achievement.

Sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can understand. :P

P.S. - that bit of sarcasm at the end wasn't needed ;P



04.03.2018, 00:44

I'm a bit of a sarcasm person, only when I'm annoyed or angry about something. I just feel it was wasted time when I can't do the quests anymore of this game when I already lvl up above the requirements cap.
But I think you as a company should have clear instructions on how to take some screenshots of games/quests. And tell the quest requirements before they finish the first quest. That's just hidden information for the users of this web. The community shouldn't be responsible for such easy fixed problems



04.03.2018, 00:51

Sorry if I ask so much of a mod. But I think it had solved a lot of issues that you face every day