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Quests need restructured or changed

Added alwill101 24.10.2016, 04:28

First quest is make it to level 3 ok. i play 3-5 matches to get to level 2. ok then i play 3-4 more to get 3/4 of the way to LVL 3. ok. then i play one game today and i jump from LVL 2 3/4 to LVL 4 1/4. this needs a change. i was getting 30 xp per game then i magically get 144 XP from a game that lasted a long time. i am not complaining about how i dont get the points for the quest i just dont want that to happen again with the bigger pay out and the XP bar is only 100 and you can get more than it or less which makes it hard to get to the right LVL. WHY. Just please fix this. i just wanted to get 24XP and i got 144XP. PLEASE

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