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LoL rip off

Added Clovertn04 13.10.2016, 14:07

This is just a slower laggy version of League of Legends. It's really boring and not designed well at all. I really hope this game gets deleted and the company gets taken under for putting out such a stupid game. Be more creative!

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16.10.2016, 04:17

Actually, it's a DOTA clone.
Which is to say, technically it's a League of Legends clone considering that's also a DOTA clone.

True, the game does employ the same basic monetary structure as LoL (locked heroes on a rotation, with purchasable options via premium or earned currency), however, the characters and their skillsets are lifted almost directly from DOTA with primarily cosmetic modifications.

LoL does "borrow" liberally, at times, from DOTA but always adds some twist to differentiate their Champions from the DOTA Heroes such that you can say "Akali is like Riki" or "Cassiopeia plays similar to Medusa." With Heroes Evolved, you can literally say "That's Sand King."

By way of example, their "Sand King" clone has only one genuine difference: his damage-over-time skill is not automatically applied. He uses ice instead of sand, yet otherwise his skills are in the exact same order and each applies precisely the same effect: a ground-targeted stun in a straight line; an ability that deals minor AoE damage and hides the caster; a DoT that spreads to surrounding targets on death and, finally, an AoE that deals massive damage in pulses centered around the caster.

All told, Heroes Evolved is an absolutely shameless rip-off... but it's also a relatively decent introductory MOBA and a fine starting point for anyone who feels intimidated by more established games.



19.11.2016, 10:27

y u hef to be med?

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