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Can't get a screenshot with castle and nickname at same time?

Added Zachary 03.10.2018, 20:49

Hey just wondering how im supposed to take a screenshot for this game when i cant get my nickname I entered and castle level on the same screen? I can attach screenshots that both show my email if that would help? Thanks

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04.10.2018, 01:19
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Hello, Zachary. We would prefer that you submit your castle name instead of your player name, but considering that you already sub,itted the player name, it would be better for you to contact support. You can contact support at



10.10.2018, 06:25

Here's a tip for anyone: Change the name of your city/castle to the nickname you posted here for the quests. Then just screenshot in the city view, making sure the castle level is clearly in view. Easy enough if you're zoomed out.