St. Patrick’s Day

10.03.2021, 00:09

Hello heroes,We’re bringing St. Patrick’s Day to Humphreydale! This popular Irish festival is celebrated on March 17th with parades around the world, and some places even colour entire rivers in the traditional green! In Hero Zero, we’re celebrating with them from 11/03/2021 to 18/03/2021.During thi... (read more)

Carnival on Hero Zero

11.02.2021, 17:59

Hello heroes,The cheerful, colourful carnival season has come to Humphreydale! For this occasion, the mayor wants to organize a large carnival parade - help with the planning from 15/02/2021 to 19/02/2021 by completing special tasks for the event and earn great rewards! To start the event, visit the... (read more)

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