Patch Notes – The Metal League has arrived!

07.03.2019, 23:59

Hello Metal Gladiators!THE METAL LEAGUE HAS ARRIVED!On today’s update, Heavy Metal Machines received the competitive feature. It will allow you all to participate in this freakin’ amazing tournament — every season!If you haven’t heard yetThe Metal League‘s an in-game event that creates a tournament ... (read more)

In-game store update

23.01.2019, 23:59

A new update has arrived into the in-game store of Heavy Metal Machines. Basically, items from Season 1 are now available in the game store!Take notes, and if you couldn’t get your Metal Pass Premium in the Season 1, now you have the chance to get some items from there!Rebuild effect ‘Bifröst In’ – ... (read more)

Masters of Metal City #2: Icebringer

07.12.2018, 23:59

What’s up, Metal Gladiators! On today’s “Masters of Metal City”. We will talk about Icebringer: the coldest transporter in Heavy Metal Machines. We got the tips from 3 players: Reicamara, No62NoExit and Wenquintoz.   Starting line Wenquintoz: In Metal God Arena, whe... (read more)

Patch Notes (04/10/2018) – 1.00.792

04.10.2018, 14:43

Hello, pilots! How are you all loving the Metal Pass? Great stuff, huh? We are here for more great updates! In the Patch Notes, today, you’ll learn about changes in the casual match queue, Temple of Sacrifice improvements, character balance and bug fixes. But first, let us make it clear which... (read more)

Patch Notes (15/09/2018)

15.09.2018, 13:57

Hello, pilots!Today we are releasing the new content for the launch! It will have new items, layouts, models and the 14th character: Icebringer. Let’s get started with all the details from the Metal Pass -- the new progression system of Heavy Metal Machines. Metal Pass The Metal Pass is a pr... (read more)

Two New Patches!

29.07.2018, 21:02

Hello players! Heavy Metal Machines has released two new patches in July, Beta and Beta!Beta includes the return of the 2017 Halloween skins and the in-game soundtrack (for a limited time), while Beta has bug fixes and signifies the end of the Heavy Metal... (read more)

Update: beta.

14.07.2018, 22:51

Hello players! Heavy Metal Machines has been updated to version: beta., which came with many changes. The biggest one being the addition of new and last character: Rampage! Everything about their abilities, animations, and looks, can be found here: (read more)