Patch Notes – The Metal League has arrived!

07.03.2019, 23:59

Hello Metal Gladiators!THE METAL LEAGUE HAS ARRIVED!On today’s update, Heavy Metal Machines received the competitive feature. It will allow you all to participate in this freakin’ amazing tournament — every season!If you haven’t heard yetThe Metal League‘s an in-game event that creates a tournament ... (read more)

In-game store update

23.01.2019, 23:59

A new update has arrived into the in-game store of Heavy Metal Machines. Basically, items from Season 1 are now available in the game store!Take notes, and if you couldn’t get your Metal Pass Premium in the Season 1, now you have the chance to get some items from there!Rebuild effect ‘Bifröst In’ – ... (read more)

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