Online races

18.10.2017, 22:42

HelloWe really need to tell you about new races in gta online. Rockstar gave us transform mode. From supercar, trough special vehicles to planes. It can be all in one race, just check it out! Have a good time, bye!Source: (read more)

Easter egg in GTA V - Sasquatch is real!

24.09.2015, 12:04

Rockstar proves once more that they have hella good sense of humor. Recently, new achievement to the game (that come with latest update) was introduced, entitled “Cryptozoologist”. Description, which is “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode... or did you?”, led ... (read more)

There are no limits - gamers have fun in GTA V

21.09.2015, 12:58

Grand Theft Auto is a series known for fans' extraordinary creations. From time to time gamers prove that something which was imposible before, now is totally doable. Speaking of making things possible, here is awesome truck stunt video: Of course, the game was modded to make this stunt possible. ... (read more)

GTA in TV - watch the trailer

16.09.2015, 12:48

  Is this the next dull movie based on a famous game title? Not really. The Gamechangers  - that's the name of a TV drama - has its first trailer unveiled by BBC several days ago. How it's connected with Grand Theft Auto franchise and why is there Daniel Radcliffe? The film goes back to ... (read more)