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Ridiculous Quest 5!

Added Lina182 06.04.2019, 12:00

Quest 5 has now appeared for me and they're asking us to achieve level 40...

There are several things flawed with this quest; firstly that if any of the Gamekit staff had played the game, they should know that to get to level 40 is ridiculously difficult.
Secondly, it's unclear whether they mean that the base should be level 40, or the hero should be level 40. Either way, completely unachievable!
Thirdly, they have only allocated 10 days to complete the task!!! With other Gamekit players reporting that the quests had been altered for what was expected, it means that by the time a person gets to quest 5 they'd only be around level 15 maybe at best? So to expect us to get to level 40 in such a short amount of time is ludicrous!

Therefore, my complaint and request is for quest 5 to be reduced down to something far more manageable and appropriate, such as level 15 base which is difficult enough to achieve on its own!

Thank you.

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07.04.2019, 01:02
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Max base level is 20.. so impossible to get level 40... Has to be hero level, but even that is ridiculous... and with them not accepting the $4.99 packages for quest 4, you have to spend $10 to do this quest. This site is a friggen joke. All my orders have been overdue by at least a month too, this site is just trash now.



07.04.2019, 01:13
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Geez, that's awful! I'm waiting to get to Gamekit lvl 15 so I can claim my rewards, but it's taking ages to get the exp.

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