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Extremely Poor Clone

Added William 15.03.2019, 21:38

You cannot see where your attackers come from. In the reports there are no coordinates given. This is a really, really bad clone of at least a dozen different games.

The time it took for Gamekit to accept my screenshot(which took 4 freaking days) my protection shield ran out and i got annihilated saving resources because I did not want to over level.

You have 3 options. Use up your resources and over level, Sit and pray, or simply DON'T play this game. If you want to pull your hair out and be bald before you're 30 then go for it.

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15.03.2019, 22:33
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I abandoned this quest. It's simply not worth the time for the rewards they give (on the quest).



16.03.2019, 17:27
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There are coordinates given in the report, however they move by the time you could do anything or have someone else do something. But I agree, this game is not worth the points they give for the amount of time it will take you to level up your command. Getting to level 10 is easy... level 15 is hard, especially when getting plundered.. and all this for 800 points? get out of here..



19.03.2019, 09:32

It really is just grueling to play. Not worth the hours it takes to go from base level 9 to 10 so I abandoned it too.



21.03.2019, 19:25

honestly I think that the attackers are mostly bots. most of the attackers have 20 times more soldiers than I have, and their power is extremely high. according to the current resource required, what I have is totally meaningless for them to take away.

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