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Impossible to Complete Task 3

Added iSwag 10.03.2019, 05:44

This game is the epitome of pay to win. There is no way you can keep your shields up long enough to reach Level 12, let alone Level 15.

Not worth it.

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10.03.2019, 07:56

Hi iSwag,
From my time playing these types of games, shields are not required to play or win. just maintain a good defense and you should be set



10.03.2019, 15:52
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I hear you, I do, but when there is no access to a shield, a stronger player will just wipe you out. It's already happened twice lol



10.03.2019, 20:09

I can agree, I just finally reached level 12, but couldn't do so without using shields. Only other thing you can really do is save the task rewards, and maybe create an alternate account and use that as a farm account for you.



11.03.2019, 04:55

Good idea with the alt account. Ive been saving tasks/rss boosts to hopefully have enough for level 12. I got wiped again so starting over. At this rate with the resource requirement being so high, I dont think I'm making it lol



14.03.2019, 20:54

but you can't trade supplies - so how would you get recs between accounts?



15.03.2019, 17:22

Just by attacking the alt town



21.03.2019, 19:21

you are already so lucky, I cant even get to lv 11, I was invaded once every two days, sometimes even happens once a day, and they just take everything away. And my capacity is not enough for some of the resources although I have filled all the space with max level buildings that I could get, which means I have to buy resources to exceed the max. it is just a pay to win game



21.03.2019, 22:25

Yeah. Building capacity sucks in this game. Best you can do is save up a bunch of quests and boosts from events/killing rogue bases and use the right before the upgrade (and pray you saved enough).

At least you are allowed to quickly heal all units for cheap with the hospitals.



24.03.2019, 23:42

Is it worth continuing past Quest 3 to complete Quest 4? Because yeah, I'm not making it to lvl 15 in the incredibly short time allowed for this quest...



26.03.2019, 02:50

I literally just made it to level 15 with 1 day remaining for the quest...
Was seriously close to giving up and rage quit a few times because I was hit by higher level players A LOT. However, it is possible! I have two alt accounts, but that was lucky because whichever region you start in is randomly assigned. Being in a good, active alliance can help too because the competitions can earn you a fair bit of resource packs to save up for use just before you put an upgrade on.

If any of you are in Region 0 (R:0 X:--- Y:---)and would like a helping hand, I have my own alliance called Night Owls. Feel free to apply to the alliance and move close to where I am, got some powerful friends who will offer protection :)

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