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Quest 2 - Reach level 10 Do they mean command center level 10?

Added AJ 28.02.2019, 02:04

Quest 2 is vague, does it mean Reach level 10 hero or command center/base?

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28.02.2019, 19:22

Pretty sure they mean your base, since thats what shows on the main map, but unsure...



01.03.2019, 03:06

I'm pretty sure they mean your character has to reach lv. 10.



03.03.2019, 11:01

It's your command centre - do the screenshot from the world map and if you click on your base too, the pop-up at the right side makes it clearer for the screenshot.

FYI though, Q3 is to get to level 15 and it's practically impossible! I am still trying to get to level 12 after several days of saving up the necessary resources and then being plundered by some other f***ing player (usually level 12+) every time I get even a fraction close (3 mil of each resource needed pretty much). So if I were you, I wouldn't bother with this game. It's disappointing, frustrating and highly pay-to-win, which is not what most people want. They want to be able to play a game for free!



05.03.2019, 02:31

I completely agree with what you said. Doing these missions wasn't worth it.



05.03.2019, 17:53

I got to level 10 after being plundered once. I'm ok with PVP, but not when it's imbalanced like this. I played Throne which is similar, and it was a lot more balanced for new players.

I think i'll abandon this game and do other quests. I just got plundered 3 times today by players 10 levels higher than me. I'm at 360k and need 1,800,000 silicates just for level 11, and I keep getting plundered, it makes it really hard to finish quest without paying.

Thanks for the warnings.



07.03.2019, 19:35

I managed to complete quests 2 and 3 and it was my hero level they used, not the base. Which is a bit easier.