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Restarting GoT quest from quest 2 since no points earned?

Added Jimmy 10.10.2019, 09:26

When I first got on this site I wasn't sure how it works so I uploaded the wrong item as screenshot. Well, after the incorrect screenshot was submitted it doesn't allow me to change the picture, and therefore I missed all the quest times with no points earned since I kind of abandoned the quest. Now I see the time limit has been extended, I was wondering if an admin could reset my Game of Throne game quest since I didn't make any point on GoT quest except name submitting? I just want to start from quest 2. Is that possible or is this not how this site works?

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12.10.2019, 00:22
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Hello, Jimmy. Unfortunately, you will not be able to go back and complete an old task. However, if you have proof that you completed the task before the time ran out, then you can contact support at and ask them to accept the task for you.



12.10.2019, 02:06

I see, thank you for answering.

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