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Quest 2 Confusion

Added tjratana1 10.10.2019, 01:11

I purchased 50 Black Diamonds from GTArcade and in my History there is a record of that confirmed purchase - I took a screenshot of that as proof of purchase - But in game I have no idea what screenshot needs to be taken - I took a screenshot of a System Mail acknowledging 50 Black Diamonds being received and that was rejected - I took a screenshot of my Black Diamond Info showing 50 Black Diamonds and that was also rejected - Besides the system mail there is not a place within the game that would retain a copy of my purchase

What screenshot is needed that is in game?

Thank you

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12.10.2019, 00:20

Hello, tjratana1. Please do not submit a screenshot directly through our site, as it will always say that the task was denied. Simply include any evidence you want to send in the email that you forwarded as payment confirmation.



17.10.2019, 03:30

Same thing just happened to me, didn't see this one open. I'll try again myself.

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