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quest 2 how long for wait?

Added jbrian1005 20.09.2019, 03:19

So I purchased my 50 black diamonds and redeemed them just fine with openbucks, on the quest it says to purchase 50 black diamonds and send a screenshot but then below it, it says that changes in the game are checked automatically and no screenshot is required. I'm assuming it means I don't have to send a screenshot but I purchased those black diamonds 3 hours ago and it hasnt given me the points yet, so im wondering do I need to send the screenshot to the email provided or do I have to wait longer

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20.09.2019, 04:52

Hello, jbrian1005. Please attach the screenshot to the email and forward it to the email you were provided. After that, you just have to wait for it to be accepted.
Please note that submitting a screenshot directly to our site for email tasks will always say that it was denied.

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