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Quest 2 of 5 I BUY 50 DIAMONT WITH point from gamekit i have screen shot

Added Ardelean 21.06.2019, 13:22

I have screen shot i send it also to Quest 2 of 5 i have prove about diamont i and i need fast complet because game quest and in 21 houres pls do something .

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21.06.2019, 20:46

I know i've spent 4.99 on the gold and sent it to the gamekit AND did a screenshot of both hurry up guys! this is pointless if you don't get the 6000 bonus i would've never wasted the points on it



21.06.2019, 21:08

the same man i hope we will get exp and point and if the quest will expire one guys say we will take after 2 weeks.....



21.06.2019, 21:41

Hello, Ardelean and Darklurkr23. You should still be fine as long as you submit the proof before the time limit expires. It will take the normal amount of time, which is up to two weeks, to be processed. If you do not get your reward within this time, please contact support at to see if they can manually review it for you.