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question about quest 2

Added Hilk21 02.06.2019, 23:19

what exactly do I send as my email to confirm payment , also do I have to include my IGN/gamekit name as my emails for gamekit (which is my steam account) and the email I sent with are different

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03.06.2019, 04:15
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Hello, Hilk21. You should forward any confirmation email you received for purchasing the product. This can include an email from us verifying the purchase of a product, an email from the game or its developers, or an email from a payment service.
I would also recommend including your name when you forward the email.
If there is an issue and the task is not accepted within 2 weeks, please contact support at and be ready to present more proof if needed. They should be able to manually accept the task.



03.06.2019, 19:54

Thank you very much for the response and helping me out*

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