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13 characters nickname !!

Added Co0oLd_ZeRo0o 17.04.2019, 09:25

Hello, when I first started task 1 and registered to the game through GAMEKIT, I used the name Co0oLd_ZeRo0o to create the Gtarcade account and then entered it on GAMEKIT as my nickname. Then I figured that "in-game" u can only have a 13 character lord name, so i used Co0oLdZeRo0o without "_". Now I can't seem to complete Quest 1- I get a reply "nickname different". ANY IDEAS HOW TO FIX IT AND PASS QUEST 1 AND THE REST WITHOUT HAVING THE SAME ISSUE????

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17.04.2019, 18:27
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Hi there,
Please contact support at:

In the future, I'd recommend using a shorter name and double checking how it appears in-game with what you have entered.

Good Luck :D

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