New Event--Westeros Pass

11.09.2019, 23:59

OnMonday, Sep 9,we will launch a new event—Westeros Pass, which requires efforts from both you individually and your alliance.In season 1Wake the Dragon, a new commander namedBarret, a castle exteriorAncient Capitaland troop appearanceHouse Reed Spearmenwill be introduced!Schedule:9/9 12:00 PM - 10/... (read more)

Update Notice Aug 15

14.08.2019, 23:59

Here are the contents of this update:1. New Features- Added new feature “Dragon System”. Royal lords could now grow their dragons within their castle and use the power of Dragons to defeat enemies in combats.- Added new feature “Castle Exterior”. The Castle Exteriors will be obtainable during the ev... (read more)

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