Quest 5 - buying diamonds and 'open bucks'

Added FeebasMaster 19.10.2019, 19:12

Quest 5 wants an amphitheater. The problem is that for 900 pts at gamekit you only get EXACTLY 5 dollars worth on the gift card and it does NOT cover sales tax, making it impossible to actually redeem it in the game, because tax brings it up another ~20 cents. thus paying 900pt for this gets you NOTHING. Can i get a refund. i am NOT going to pay 900-1300 pts just to cover 20 cents when the darn purchase was meant to get me EXACTLY 250 diamonds to begin with. NO. instead i get NO diamonds.

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21.10.2019, 01:06

Hello, FeebasMaster. Please contact support at https://gamekit.com/faq for help in this situation. They should either be able to refund you or give you the extra 20 cents.



22.10.2019, 06:55

One thing you can do is to buy the building pack which includes the ampitheater for under $5. that's what I did.

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