Points jumped up too high

Added Shin 08.08.2019, 20:03

I was playing forge of empires and decided to build the oracle of deliph and thought that was going to boost me to the right amount of points ( i had about 960 points when i did this and my task was 1200 points) and then suddenly it got up to 2000 pts. i did send a screenshot of the 2000 points and i am afraid that you wont accept it. i tried to sell buldings after so if you declined my screenshot i would have 1200 points and could send another after that but i cant sell any buildings to get down to 1200 points. pls help.

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08.08.2019, 20:09

hey shin you can sell buildings to go down to 1200 points.You could sell the oracle of deliph since it gave u a lot of points so that means it could lower down a lot of points.If it doesn't lower down enough points then sell decorations cultural buildings or premium buildings(buildings that you bought with diamonds)!I hope this was helpful!



08.08.2019, 20:11

did that and i got to 800 points. guess this quest is really hard



09.08.2019, 05:10
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Hello, Shin. Please try submitting the screenshot anyways, as we are aware that this building tends to boost people past the objective. If it is not accepted, please contact support at https://gamekit.com/faq for help.



10.08.2019, 05:11

yeah this is the quest that I'm doing and its really hard and I only have like one day left

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