My point jumped up rapidly and well exceeded the amount needed after building a great building

Added jerrybestfan 06.08.2019, 03:34

I had around 861 points, I thought the Oracle of Delphi would give me around 400 points which is needed for the second quest ( 1200 points ) but no, I jumped to 1988 points and I don't think my screenshot will be accepted so is there anything I can do? I already seen the other threads about the same issue but they all said to submit a screenshot, which I am assuming of the screenshots of before and after you build the Oracle of Delphi, which I don't have beside the one I submitted for the first quest so is there anything I could do besides starting over on a new server and completely wipe my whole data

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06.08.2019, 12:17

Hello jerrybestfan. To reduce the amount of points you have, you can delete some buildings.



08.08.2019, 20:14

khaela im pretty sure its the cultural buildings decorations or premium buildings that could be deleted!I don't think that any building could lower points when its sold.

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