Jordan Barry

Quest Number 4

Added Jordan Barry 04.08.2019, 08:03

Something I've noticed with these challenges is that you get to one that offers you alot of points, but the work put into well exceeds what you are getting out of it. This mission requires you to spend gems (Premium Currency) in order to build four aqueducts. There are 3 ways to do this, spend money on gems, invite players to the game and saving your gems from the start of the game. I feel like the point of these quests should get the player attached to the game as they try and learn how to play it and complete the quests rather than getting them financially attached. That should be a decision someone wants to make on their own. Alot of these games get you signed up just to get you so invested in time to have you being required to buy premium things. Can you guys please make this not the case. Its happend on league of angels for me as well and shortly elvenar.

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10.08.2019, 22:59

I can understand your gripe. I get annoyed too when I have to pay for my mission completions. Companies pay gamekit to advertise their game, and games end goal is to make money to be sustainable. I personally stick to the missions that don't require me to pay and skip them when the gamekit points are not worth it.

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