do i have to have exactly 600 points or can it be more, and what screen do i screenshot?

Added Virtual 20.07.2019, 05:25

this sentence is required for submission

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20.07.2019, 12:40

Hello Virtual. You dont need to be exactly prestige 600. You have to click on the laurel on the top left corner and screenshot the ladder.



20.07.2019, 20:45

You won't reach 600 exactly so just get to 600 or above and take the screenshot.



27.07.2019, 11:10

I also have a question about the points!

I understand that you have to get a minium of 600 points and submit the screenshot to gamekit, but my question is about the rest, once I have the 600 points and are to get 1200 points do you count from 600 points and add the 1200 points making it a total of 1800 points and as long my point shows that I have gained the amount you demand for you will accept the screenshot?

basicly once I have 1800 points (if you count that way) and ask for 3400 points I have to add that amount to 1800 making it a total of 5200 points!



27.07.2019, 11:36
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Hello Shade_24. The quest doesn't ask you to do a total. If it asks you to reach 600 points its 600 points. If the second quest asks you to reach 1200 its 1200 points and not 1800. Each task on a quest is independent of each other.



27.07.2019, 12:30

the Reason I'm asking the question is because it sound pretty hard to know when the player has reached the demand in my case right now 1200 points, unless you count the amount shown on the previous screenshot and count from there that I have reached the correct amount of points as demanded on the quest list



27.07.2019, 13:18
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You can see what are your points when you click on the laurel on the top left corner.

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