Building The Oracle of Delphi increased my points by around 1,000 when I needed less than 200.

Added MJ 26.06.2019, 23:06

Aside from whatever points building The Oracle of Delphi itself provides, quite a few story missions completed when I built it, and without thinking about it I accepted their completion. This made me go from under 1,100 points to over 2,100. I deleted every building I had that wasn't special and it still only decreased my points to under 1,800. The only other solution I could think of is to start in another world on the server, completely erasing what I have already done.

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27.06.2019, 19:04

Hello, MJ. Please try submitting a screenshot anyways as we are typically lenient in these situations. If it is not accepted, you should still be able to contact support at https://gamekit.com/faq/ and ask for their help.



03.08.2019, 06:29

This same thing happened to me. I wish they would tell you how many prestige points would be gained before hand.

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