My account no longer exist

Added seermer 10.04.2019, 00:04

when I try to login today, it says there is no player with this name.
However, I saved the account through chrome, and I was able to login my account with the saved information yesterday.
Also I checked my screenshot for last quest, I am pretty sure I entered the correct username. Does this mean I have to restart?
Either this game deleted my account or my chrome has awful memorization :)

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10.04.2019, 00:07

btw, I successfully used the exact same information opened a new account LOL



10.04.2019, 03:05

Hello, seermer. If you entered the wrong name, you will not be able to finish the task. Please remember to be careful when entering you name for any game.



08.06.2019, 15:09

Probably a little late of a reply to you seermer but the same thing happened to me--couldn't log in the next day with the same information. What I had to do was go back to my email and go through the confirmation link (again) that they sent.

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