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Quest 2 1200 points

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I play the Forge of Empires and follow the quest in the game, when I finish quest 2, it said because the anti-cheating rules, the level need to be same as quest, but the quest is not about level, is about points, so I get point below 1000 and after I build the great building (what in game quest tell me to build), my point increase a lot and go above 2000, and they said the image is not acceptable, WTF is this shit anti-cheating doing?
And then I go to 'Contact us', I get the shit respond by Moderator
"Hello, your quest now is to reach 1200 points, if you over completed it, it can not be accepted." did they really play this game before? or they just know this and try to not give us reward?

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10.06.2018, 14:04

its not possible to get 1200, i was the same as you as soon as i built the great building, i hit 2000.



10.06.2018, 14:25

I'm sorry to hear that but thanks for info so I won't repeat your "mistake"



19.01.2019, 21:25

Sell the building so the points will decrease. :-)! Wish I had known it before i sent the screenshot with over 2k points LOL #regrets

User deleted

17.06.2019, 01:26

i sold all my buildings and im still 500 points over this game is just bad no wonder it needs gamekits help

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