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Sorry to be a Pain! 11 Hours Left to Check my Quest 3 Screenshot..

Added Philip 02.05.2018, 01:13

Normally my screenshots have been checked by now just getting a little worried that it won't be checked at all.. Sorry to be a pain and post about it.. Just hoping to get it checked.

Thanks for any help.

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02.05.2018, 01:22
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Some games have priority over others, but don't worry, your screenshot will be checked before the 72 hour timer runs out. Also if the time on the task runs out, so long as you have sent a screen, it will also be checked, even after the time is up, so no need to worry. :)



02.05.2018, 01:33

Ahh cool.. wasn't sure what happened i'm pretty new :P Thanks for replying :D

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