Rejected for "cropped" picture on mobile

Added dd 13.03.2018, 20:31

My Mission 1 screenshot, reach 600 ranking points, was denied with the reason being my image was "cropped". I did not crop the image. I am currently playing the mobile version of the game and I took a screenshot from there.

I sent another image with my notification bar on screen, but I'm not entirely sure if that will do.
Anyone else have this problem before?

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14.03.2018, 01:27
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The link on the quest site doesn't take you to a mobile link and that is most likely where your problem is. It must appear cropped compared to all other screenshots being sent in. Either redo the quest on PC (it really isn't a long quest) or try to contact support about it.



14.03.2018, 03:32

Yeah, it really wasn't long redoing the quest on PC.

I used the mobile app for "Vikings: War of Clans" in the past and GameKit accepted it just fine. Strange why it doesn't seem to like my pics of this game.

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