A helpful guide to other players to completing the 3 quests on Forge of Empires

Added BladeSerph 29.07.2017, 20:01

Noticing alot of people are asking questions and im still in the middle of finishing up the last of the quests on this (takes time on the last one). So here's a rather quickie guide to get things done.

The game's a typical mobile build your own 'kingdom' type of game, with the first 2 quests being:

1. Get to global ranking points 700.
2. Get to global ranking points 1000.

Basically you need to build structures, explore 'new lands' and conquer them and so on to raise your 'score'. BUT you can actually lower it by selling buildings, so PAY attention to what raises by how much and you can get accurate. I manage to get exactly 700 and clear it on the first one while the 2nd i had a 1001 score but still cleared it. Helps to make sure your image's name accurately states what the image is about, here's a little template:

"Name of the Game" "The objective's requirements + a word like Achieved" "your Username you submitted" and finally "Image Proof"

granted it might not be necessary but i feel like it helps to make sure the 'checker' knows what they are looking at.

The last quest is "build a bath" which is the public bath building which you obtain after reaching the end of the Iron Age research (3rd tier after the Bronze age where most of your hurdle will be while working on quest 1 and 2).

Some important tips you should do in order to achieve the objective include:

-Make use of proper housing for farming money.

-Make a good pathway in the research especially to pick up expanding your build lot to expand the payout on your gold.

-Replace production/housing buildings with better payout. Especially Once you get a fruit farm, which can produce much more supplies at a smaller size then a pottery or hunter building and population 'cost' to make use of efficency.

-When replacing houses, go for efficiency like hourly gold pick ups. You may get more 'gold' every 15 mins on some earlier huts, but you'll have less population to work with.

-Use your soldiers often to net those continent exploration bonuses, especially the big stock piles of gold/supplies.

-ABUSE THE HELL out of AID system for nearby neighbors, 'Friending' as many people you can and especially use a large guild once you unlock it. You can only 'aid' once every 24 hours but you get 20 gold per person, which can stockpile easily into over a thousand gold or more per collection, letting you speed up expansions and what not.

-Burn some gold into forge points, you need to get those research unlocks fast and it helps too when you unlock a new housing/production building to expand your stockpile in less time.

-Treasure hunt is a extra useful bonus too, it seems annoying but you can get some major payoffs in the form of bonus forge points [one of my big yields net me 10~ forge points].

-Keep the happiness of your people to enthusiastic, that +20% gold/supply bonus will stack on having a large number of buildings and do a really good job on helping out

You can likely figure out some other useful tips and tricks, such as making use of the 'great tower', but i would not recommend supply production too much due to how long it can take to gather the materials and some people have bad rates of 'trading' such as 1:5 or 1:10 just for you to get 1 item, while it takes 4 hours just to produce 1 'goods' item. Which SADLY this game does not seem to provide much in terms of measures for 'speeding such things along', at least none that i have yet to be aware of.

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01.08.2017, 20:33

Is it better to ignore all the military and craftworks in order to straight for the smithery research? The slingers and horsemen weren't that great imo for the hour long training time for just one of them.



02.08.2017, 01:58

Actually thats a bad idea Ragna, it can require conquering territory thru negotation or combat. the Stone throwers and 'horsemen' aren't very good units, but against a heavy range group it can be rather useful to rush them down, but again, they are not very useful against anything else, beyond high move speed.

I'm still around 100 or so forge points togo till i reach the baths and sped it up plenty of times thru treasure hunts and spending gold on Forge points.

The goods are IMPORTANT, especially for ones you got boosted lots for, you a active guild will gladly swap goods for you which can let you rush those useful size expansions and important buildings (trying to get cottage in about 22 more FP, which is a 40~50 population increase ver. a thatch house, the better 1 hour population house in bronze age).

Once you get into iron age, the population size requirements jump up alot, but going immediately for the iron age house that gives gold every 15 minutes can be not a good idea unless your going to obsess on it, which can allow you to get more gold per 'hour'.

Because the efficency sucks on this game, a 4 hour goods/supply/gold production is much less then 4 instances of 1 hour production and the same for 16 instances of 15 minute production. So you need a good pacing to work yourself on the quest. Abuse the hell out of the 20 gold per 'aid' in bronze age that becomes 50 gold per 'aid' on border players, guild players and 'friends'. The more you have the more gold you can squlech every 24 hours.

But once you also get into iron age you need to also amp up your supply gain because the costs for houses get into the 300~600s per house on coins and supply each (cottage 250 coin, 890 supply, provides 73 pop and 110 gold per 4 hour, VS. a thatched house thats 160 coin, 300 supply, 27 population, 32 gold per hour aka 138 per '4 hours')

Ultimate difference: higher costs, but +46 pop per building and 18 gold 'less' per 4 hours. But its a necessary trade off for more useful buildings in iron age.



02.08.2017, 05:49

The AI knows to ignore the spearman in the front lines and they rush straight for the horsemen and slingers. They kill them so fast rendering your hour long training and gold wasted. The territory which has the ballistas make short work of the slingers. Do you have to research everything in bronze age to finish the 3rd quest?



04.08.2017, 22:21

Sorry for the late response again Ragna, when it comes to combat you want to have 2 decisions.

A. Make units that take advantage of type match up & Attack/defense bonuses. Heavy units get the defense in plains areas, Light units are bush/forest lovers for defense, Fast units are the only ones who will get no field stats so that what makes them trashy. But you really can't go wrong with range units, besides tier 1 long range units, Stone throwers, since they have rather garbage stats to work with. Still, 'slingers' and thar upgraded vers may lack the omni range of a 'stone thrower' but the bonus damage against heavy units and while on rocks are rather effective on mowing down enemies if done right

The really good range units are once you get the tier 2 'range' units, Archers, the upgraded ver of slingers but you need to properly make a comp that can maul several enemies at once as soon as possible otherwise you'll get overwhelmed. Reason itsn ever a good idea to take the attack route against 8 man enemy territories with 3+ comps and just go negotiate instead.

B. AIM FOR NO DISADVANTAGES, namely if the enemy comp is a mix of heavy and range units. Its better to instead gun for units that aren't going to have the enemy get a defense bonus against and keep your units that will have a disadvantage against the 'bulk' of the enemies to a minimum. Such as using a good old x8 bunch of range units (ARCHERs preferably) to just decimate the fast units, long as your units can basically kill half the enemies on the first or second turn before dying at all, you can likely keep repeating the process to win.

Still, Light units are pretty much useful against everything except Heavy units and Range units work against everything except when they can get easily rushed down by a mob(early middle age units include barbarians which have a rather scummy ability to gain defense/attack whenever another unit with last stand dies).

And of course, if your fighting units a tier above yourself, its best to get some units in that tier first or just take the negotiation route. Get 4 tier 1 goods builds and 2 tier 2 goods buildings, and your pretty much set for guild swapping supplies to negotiate rush your way thru things to an extent.



05.08.2017, 15:40

Did some reading. The first long range military to get is the archer and the rest prior should be skipped. I was building all the military units along the way to try them out. It was a massive waste of resources. So my tip for everybody else is to stay spearman until archer and maybe soldier research are unlocked. The soldier might be a good upgrade. If I have enough resources, I might test out the soldier.

You are forced to stop fighting and negotiate in one of the story quests anyway. After a certain point it is not worth fighting for awhile and just focus on growing your empire through trading and grinding.



05.08.2017, 19:26

Again its more of a mixed setup Ragna, some nodes can be easily dominated with bronze age units (swarm of lights against a bunch of range or light units) while others might be better off going with the negotiates.

It takes a minimum of 4 hours just to make 5 'goods' once you can setup a goods location, but because its rate is like 2 bronze= 1 iron and 2 iron= 1 EMA and so on. You need to produce alot for iron age goods and where it helps to have multiple 'goods facilities' going at a time.

But since it takes 15 mins to up to 2 hours or so per unit production you can do the same like making 2 light unit 'barracks' or 2 archer barracks to speed up 'production. It still lets you create as much as 8 to 4 units within the period a goods production is complete.

Anyway i finally submitted my image yesterday so i need to just wait till i have it 'confirmed' and credited. But while im waiting i can keep an eye on my alerts if you need any more information. All in all, combine the mixes, keep to the 120% enthusiastic state, avoid temptation for immediate building replacements (thatch straight to roof tile(15 min iron age building) is a bleh choice with thatch to cottage(4 hour coin production, bout 20 less gold in 4 rounds of thatch but 2.5x more population per house) being more optimal for sanity reasons).



06.08.2017, 14:10

I'm aware you need a good mix of units unfortunately, I'm in the region where the enemies kill all my current age units fast. This forces you to negotiate to unlock the territory. My primary focus is rushing the bath unlock with the secondary focus is testing out the military units along the way out of boredom. Not sure if you were placed in a neighborhood with plundering shitheads but these assholes hinder you from progressing forward if they attack and steal your stuff.



29.08.2017, 19:05

I've played this game years ago, and I can say that the only thing you shouldn't do is buy forge points with gold. Unless you've got an average of 10k+ gold, do not buy them. It will go downhill fast and you won't be able to afford things for a while. On top of that, you might need gold to actually unlock something in the research place, which is where you use your forge points.



03.09.2017, 01:29

Quest 3 seems difficult to get done due to the small amount of time given to complete the quest.



16.09.2017, 18:34

They keep rejecting my screenshot for "Nickname not visible" despite the fact that "JohnDoe's City" is posted in the corner... Anyone else have problems with this?

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