"Overcompleted" First Quest?

Added Brayton 06.02.2016, 01:19

So I was at 670 or so ranking points, and then I finished a bunch of long-running crafts and stuff and won a battle, and I checked again and had 770 points. I submitted the screenshot and it said it doesn't count because I "overcompleted" it... Does it not count if it's not exactly 700? That's bs...

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07.02.2016, 04:44

i submitted at 710 points so i guess you went just a little over what would be acceptable



19.02.2016, 00:05

Dude, I just had the same thing happen. What a joke. What am I supposed to do? Delete my buildings until I hit the right number?



10.04.2017, 04:55

you can delete/build buildings to lower/raise your Global score, so while fiddly this quest is doable even if overshooting. roads and any decorations for example add to global score. (i think the basic roads are +3? obelisks for example are +5)

User deleted

15.05.2017, 20:01

Hi there! When you send a screenshot of a quest you have completed, then the screenshot has to show exactly what you had to do, so if you need 700 points you may not have more or less points when submitting your screenshot, this is to prevent people using other screenshots and edit the name, also when you are sending your screenshot the description exactly says what has to be in the screenshot

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