How to lvl up quickly?

Added steven4jovi 22.07.2014, 18:44

how do u lvl up quicker?

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23.07.2014, 23:24

There's not a faster way to level other than just playing the game until you can buy your research points. Either that or just log in every 10hrs or once per day to get the 10 points, and keep adding them to your research until you get to the 5th section.



21.08.2014, 15:43

using the gems :/ or nothing else xD



13.09.2014, 21:08

you can if you build higher lvl buildings....for example if you are in ME dont have any LMA buildings...also it depends on how many supplies you collect... you can get FP with coins



18.10.2014, 17:57

Use gems and play good



19.10.2014, 20:06

use all forge points for research



11.11.2014, 18:34

Play active and if u wanna lvl up very fast, only way is using gems. But if you are active, it help a lot.



28.07.2017, 20:00

Apparently you need to be more appropriate on your questioning, this game uses a global ranking point system based on the total value of your city, via what you have built on it, the conquering of territories and etc. etc.

You need to check the global ranking to get a proper idea where your 'score' is at, then basically figure out what structure raises your score by how much (Ex: A single path bit raises it by 2 points, which is 'free' but a good space clogger if you do not set it up properly to accomodate buildings), the same includes taking the time to use research to unlock things like expanding the size of your city so you have more space to build stuff.



28.07.2017, 20:04

Extra note: Also if you wanted to 'level up' faster, you need to update your buildings (housings, etc.) with better quality ones so you can earn more money in between collections.

Example: the third non-gem cost house you get, Chalet, gives a population of 32 and gives 80 gold every 4 hours, The 2nd one, Stilt house may give 11 gold every 15 mins, but its a pain to collect it 'every' 15 mins.

I mean even if you collect every 15 mins, it would only be about 176 gold, just a little over twice the amount you get from a Chalet, which also provides 8 more population then Stilt house (allowing you to construct more supply buildings and other people required buildings).

In terms of the last quest, its going to take a 'while' to reach the goal line (create a public bath), but you are given quite a few days to get the job done. Just need to dunk in alot of research points, farm lots of gold to 'buy' research points and unlock expansions to get more payout per collection on gold and supply.

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