Update to 1.41

05.12.2014, 00:00

Dear Players, You should expect the update to 1.41 on 10th December. There will be many improvements, changes and bugfixes - click here to read the whole list of them. Enjoy!

Epic Empires Winners!

02.09.2014, 14:19

Dear Players, Click here and check the winners of the monthly competition. You can also see work of ddevil, the August's winner. As it's a montly event, good luck in September!

Summer Event Announcement 2014

07.08.2014, 12:56

Dear Players, Between 13th August and 27th August you can take part in the Summer Event and win special prizes. Complete tasks, get tickets and participate in summer casino. You can count on Greva Darn - she will help you to spin the wheel and win. Good luck!

Update to 1.32

04.08.2014, 17:13

Dear players, On Wednesday, 6th August, the update to 1.32 will take place. You should expect many improvements, for example various and balancing changes, inter alia reduction of the cost of early research. What's more, some buggs will be fixed. To check all the list of changes, click here.

Update to 1.30

07.07.2014, 10:14

Dear players, On Wednesday, 9th July, you should expect the update to 1.30. It will implement a big change in the friend invite process. Now you will be able to get more rewards on it, track progress of your friends and invite them in many ways: via e-mail, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.Also some ot... (read more)

Innogames TV - July Episode

30.06.2014, 11:43

Dear players, Now you can watch the July episode of InnoGames TV! This month you should expect Rising Generals launch trailer, information about the recently started closed beta provided by the product manager of Tribal Wars 2, presentation of the new iPad App and information about the newest event ... (read more)

Update to 1.29

23.06.2014, 15:25

Hi, On Wednesday, 25th June, there will be the update to 1.29. You should expect a short downtime. What changes will be implemented? - removal of level cap in Great Buildings - possibility of collecting more than 10 Forge Points from Great Buildings' production - no losses of Forge Points - new "ho... (read more)

Hall of Fame Update.

18.06.2014, 10:34

Dear players, As Hall of Fame boosts both Power and Prestige by mistake, it will be changed in the 1.29 or 1.30 update. It will contribute only to Power and help only in levelling up your guild, not improving your activity in GvG. Guild will lose all the Prestige gained by Hall of Fames after the up... (read more)

FoE Soccer Cup

10.06.2014, 10:40

Are you looking forward to the World Cup? If yes, Forge of Empires preapred for you a great surprise. On 12th the tournamnet FoE Soccer Cup will start! Play and win! You have time from 12th June till 13th July. Good luck from the Gameboost team:)

Update to 1.28

10.06.2014, 10:28

Hi, tomorrow, 11th June, the update do 1.28 will take place. You should expect some bugfixes and small improvements of the quality of the game. There will be a short downtime during the maintenance.

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14.05.2014, 15:31

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