The Feast Season Fourteen Results Are In!

18.02.2020, 11:00

The competition has been fierce, but at last, we have declared the winners of the Feast Season Fourteen!Top ranking players will receive special rewards, so check out the rankings and see who clawed their way to the head of the pack!(*)Players who finish at bronze or higher can claim rewards by spea... (read more)

The Starlight Celebration Begins December 18!

11.12.2019, 09:00

Winter has come to Eorzea, and with each passing day, the nights grow longer, the air grows chiller, and the wind nips ever more briskly at the face. But take heart, for the Starlight Celebration is set to return to warm the body and soul. This year will see the cities of the realm bedecked with col... (read more)

FINAL FANTASY XIV Teams up with Pusheen!

06.09.2019, 17:00

We recently joined forces with the internet’s favorite tubby tabby cat, Pusheen! The loveable cat with an imagination larger than life appeared in a series of comics dressed in several FINAL FANTASY-inspired outfits, much to the delight of adventurers around the world! Warriors of Light and Darkness... (read more)

Registering the Shadowbringers Expansion Pack

01.07.2019, 12:30

In order to play the Shadowbringers expansion, you must register the code you received alongside your purchase to your FINAL FANTASY XIV service account.Even if you have registered a pre-order bonus code for early access, you will still need to redeem your full FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers regi... (read more)

FINAL FANTASY XIV at Japan Expo 2019!

06.06.2019, 11:00

We are happy to announce that FFXIV will return to Paris for Japan Expo 2019 in July, and this year will be special! Not only you will be able to get your hands on the game (as is now tradition), you will also get the opportunity to participate in a Cosplay Contest. And that’s not all!Event schedule... (read more)

Get Heavensward Free for a Limited Time

07.05.2019, 06:40

For a limited time, Warriors of Light will be able to add the award-winning Heavensward expansion pack to their account for free! This is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the adventures that await in Stormblood and the upcoming Shadowbringers!Campaign ScheduleMay 2, 2019 through June 27, 20... (read more)

Join Us at PAX East 2019

14.03.2019, 04:00

Hot off the heels of the Fan Festival in Tokyo, FINAL FANTASY XIV flies to Boston for PAX East 2019! Join us for our latest exciting battle challenge, this time pitting attendees against Seiryu. We’ll also be giving away Shadowbringers-themed swords so that attendees can become the Warrior of Darkne... (read more)

Picture Perfect in Patch 4.5!

03.01.2019, 23:59

Hello, /gpose enthusiast and community team member Ridrina here!Today I'd like to go into detail on some of the new group pose features coming in Patch 4.5 that you may have seen previewed in the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE!The ways you can use group pose will be expanded.What does that mea... (read more)

Better for U and I

07.12.2018, 23:59

Greetings, Ridrina here! Have you read over all the new information that was revealed at the Fan Festival in Las Vegas? It was packed with various information, such as the new World Visit system, the second installment of Rival Wings, and more. Of course, in addition to those new features, we'll als... (read more)

Patch 4.45 Notes

05.11.2018, 23:00

Patch 4.45 brings with it new discoveries in Eureka, including exclusive logos actions to help you fight your way through hordes of ferocious foes in the land of fire and ice, Pyros. The misadventures of everyone's favorite agent of enquiry continue with Even Further Hildibrand Adventures.* Updated... (read more)

Events and annoucements for July

30.07.2018, 23:13

Hello everyone!So much has happened in the last month for Final Fantasy XIV. This time we are talking about the events and announcements that we have seen this month. Announcements - The final Fantasy Fan Festival 2018 now has a website! Go check it out for more details on this amazing event. h... (read more)


14.07.2018, 21:52

Head over to the all-new Heaven-On-High tower, the second instalment of the Deep Dungeon series.You can enter it by speaking to the new NPC that you can find in the Ruby Sea. Alike to the Palace of The Dead, as long as all group members on all worlds are inside the Ruby Sea then they can enter into ... (read more)