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Has the game gone downhill?

Added kaytra830 18.04.2015, 17:06

I was wondering that since there wasn't alot of people online.

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29.04.2015, 10:59

Fiesta shined from 2008-2010. There's enough people playing to where if you join an active guild you could still have fun, but the biggest problem I've seen with the game is the economy. Any player starting right now will not be able to afford a single piece of gear from level 20-100+ and will be left wearing overpriced NPC greys or whatever they happen to find if lucky enough to get a drop for their class.

Fiesta also either requires a lot of money, or years of your life to level into the 100s. The original host "Outspark" also gave/sold the game to another host, so I'd say now that it's 2015, you're better off playing a newer MMO.



22.09.2018, 03:27

You should just play WoW, as this game is basically a poor clone of it.



07.10.2018, 16:13

I would not agree with Todd's response at all. The basic idea is similar to wow but the play and feel of the game is a lot different. I Love Fiesta because it is unique but Kyusinx points out one of the shortcomings.

Here are some other major problems:
It is a pay to play setup where if you want to do well you have to drop real money or get someone else to drop it for you. Truthfully if they did no ban for the later part of that and if they added something similar to wow tokens this would not matter.
There are a lot of bugs in Fiesta just like any other game and they do fix some of them (mostly ones used to exploit a boss fight) but they ignore a good many of them. I started my first account back in 2008 or 2009 and saw some bugs that seemed to be pretty big. I left the game and came back a few times and I am pretty sure those bugs are still there.
There is no central trade hub that you can just drop your items in and leave to have sold within an x amount of time. The whole house shop does allow for selling/buying but it is kind of hard to use simply because you can't do it while playing the actual game and not everyone can go afk for long periods of time with the game running. If I remember right they did add a search feature into the game to help with buying but it was not the most user friendly and still requires afk selling.

Again Fiesta online holds a spot in my heart but the game that showed so much promise never got past its major shortcomings so it is in the almost dead state you see now.

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