guys does someone know how to change my prof picka nd background i cant find how :D
BestSoloCarry And i pref playing duo cause its better to carry 2v5 than 1v5 :)
BestSoloCarry Darius is op if you play him right same with fiora or garen in top lane on midlane orriana was always a strong pick and leblanc never falls from meta junglers:sej mayb good? reksai always was in the meta, elise is strong too,adc:corki,vayne,trist :))
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One For All: we all know that feeling of the 5 karthus ults incoming :D
Kindred: Good or Bad Champion I i got a 6 game winstreak with kindred i dont know about how others but if you know how ot play it well u can really outplay your enemy and kite this thing can be done with vayne wich is in my prospective better champion than kindred but kindred's ult is just amazing, being able to assasinate/chase and save/heal your teammates are really good :)) so i think he is good for me :)
All for one There isnt the "Best" one what i pref is picking the most fun ones like Blitz or even trundle,urgot something like that :))