Is this good game, and is this game popular? The game is currently growing as a competative game. Big teams with sponsors are on live streams, causing the game to become more popular! And yes, it is a good game, however it might take some time to understand the gameplay. It makes the game so much more fun when you understand the dynamics and in my opinion, it's totally worth the money :D
What is better M4A1-S or M4A4? You really have to figure it out yourself. It's a good question but you can only answer it yourself. Try out the guns and learn their spray patterns. The recoil on the M4A4 is worse than the M4A1-S, however it has more bullets. Join a deathmatch server and experience the difference and make the choice yourself! c:
Pytanie usunięte It's a growing game, thanks to the big competative spirit to it. It's fun to play AND to watch :D