Final Quest. Hi! i haved posted email and pictures and wrote a e mail with proof of buy in game and buy with points here 900 and picture and i have done every thing i can come up with to get u this proof and i stil havent get any reward for last quest and i have played 22h of this game to get to this point where i completed every quest on throne. even the pay quest.. so pls let me know if u need the proof again or why aint the reward comming over 2 weeks ago i completed it and both email and here on all things needed and more acually and i wrote on your wall sweqSQuirtle u always answared and helpt me before but i cant see any replys from u this 2 -3 times i have wroted. also sent 2 emails to gamekit and reply to some gamekit adress to ... pls just let me know how to do ... it says , No screenshot of proof needed just buy ingame... wich i did... and still sendt proof cuz... well i have understand its always better to do more than less... and this quest... i want to have cuz i really spent time and money on it. and i completed it so.. i post agan its for the best time of quest soon ends and i dont want to get a reply that says sorry quest time over u didnt make it in time... cuz i was in time and for allmost 3 weeks ago so pls dont give me somthging that on this game .. i took it on 2 other games even when i reallyt didnt understand why i coukldnt have any quest rewards on game of thrones even when i completed them, all.,.. juust tpo good... well :) thats about all i can whine and be a boring complaining dude.. so here are the proof :D Love Ya
ploaystation 4 will it work ok thats to bad... i love this thing u have here.. play and get stuff for it.. BUT you need to be much much much better at see and give points... i have played many games and u say no sry cuz im to high lvl .,. that sucks so bad... game of thrones,... i cant get any points cuz i have played and buyed gems and my lvl is to high so u dont give me points... i can prooove im no cheeter... if u change this and let us have points for the games we really haved played much and have a higher lvl or allready play the game u need us to play new players only... let us show u our playtime our ingame buy and let us play on ps4 and stuff like that.... if u do this you are gonna be soooo big.... and ios.. pls add ios apple.. and pc and every way possible,,, pls think of this.. you maybe can add a (for the players that are higher lvl or are not able to show the things u neeed for add a printscreen your playtime your lvl your payments... so u wiull give us some points even if we cant show u when we where on lvl 5 cuz now we are at 55 and we canb show that... so we whho are tru gamers and play much,... we are the ones that cant get the points cuz we are to good... u need to change that,,. playstation 4 have trophies... when u achive a troohy the ps4 takes a screenshgot,.,, so there is proooof in every ps4 game.... pls think of this cuz this is really fun way to earn stuff for playing... you are doing gaming more fun keeep it up,.. contact me for more ideas i have much time and much ideas and i will gladely help u out... maybe there u can have a gamekit thing in games... like this... i make a game... and i addd gamekit to it so when u play it u can earn gamekit points and exp for doing sertain challenges like trophies but u link to gamekit so it sends to gamekit automatitlcy when making the challange... like this one.. lvl 12... i would add u to my game if i had one.. im m aking one right now so if u want i can add this option and show u how i meen,. this could be awsome and a goodf way of starting somerhing neew
I'm having the same problem as you for these quest, how were you able to start over tho?
  • Timmie_Tooth

    Timmie_Tooth well i did from facebook 2nd time but it ended upp with it didnt work anyway,,,, sucks playing like hell on game of thrones,,, lvl 21 on castle i think and 42 in my total lvl in left upper corner.. so they say no we cant give u points you are to good,,... you have played to much so we will not approve your pictures .... so after spent maybe 50 dollars on the game totaly,,, i dont want to start over again .. but i tried... but didnt work out,,,, have you testet gamehag? its the same like this gamekit... loveing to get points and money for playing... it is little to hard to all the time need to take pics and really in every way possible prooov u have done this quest you say u do.. and i played crossfire or crossover cross something... mmo cars shooting.,,,, i did it on ps4..... DID NOT get points here so dont do that,,, do it exakteky like tyou do on ps4 and priontsscreeen and everyhing.,.. but nope... need to be on computer,,,, myt computer is no gaming computer.... when i click on a game the computer shuts down and beeps haha no but almost :D you can add me Timmie_Tooth i play much and thats alkways my name so id u havce ps4 or welll any game really just add me if u want.... bitcoin mining,, im in to that to so if u want refeeer i can invite u to a lot of fun mining apps and games and EOS games getting bigger end bigger,,, play for money like ENTROPIA but with crypto and eos is the first now there are many,,, swoordsandmagic i think it called one of the first eos RPG D:

    23.11.2019, 03:24
How do I complete 1st quest im lvl 16 is there anyway i can complete the quests?
How do I complete 1st quest i have upload 4 times now still gettng rejected.. first i had a lvl 16 castle so they say i played to long only lvl 3 castle ... so i started over just to get this points .. but im taking pic on the world map and u can see lvl 3 and my nickname but still doesnt get approved.. dont know why..