When you completed the quest but forgot to send in the screenshot Depending on the quest, you may be able to do it anyways. If you are talking about the level of a certain building, you can send it and see if theyll accept
Last quest behind a pay wall Are you talking about the pay quest they always add at the end after you complete the last quest or are you talking about the item that costs in game diamonds?
Can use my account in other pcs ? I have accessed my gamekit account and games on two computers. I wouldn't suggest using a public computer, but if you have to, make sure you log out and maybe erase the history.
Im Mad At this fake website Please provide details on how you think a 13 year old can afford a lawyer.
My victories don't increase Plenty of people ask questions here that are not about gamekit. It's to see if other users had the issue.
Cant download in time Why didn't you download the game before starting the quests if you already knew your internet is slow? Just curious.
I've won 5 battles, but it doesn't show on Leaderboard or has it completed the quest. I won six, but my victory count still reads 4 in game.
Lying about being free AGAIN? I'm not to that quest yet, but if they offer a way to get to VIP using GameKit points in the GameKit store, it's still technically free.
First quest In the FAQs it says sometimes it needs to actually read level 8 for them to accept it. Ty contacting GameKit support.
Wrong Username That's what happens when you don't follow instructions lol
Openbucks method is not there When you click pre-paid at the top, the methods should appear by bullet point 3. If you don't see OpenBucks as the second choice, click the chevron below that to expand the choices.
What will happen after all of my missions completed? Then you keep playing the game for fun or move on to other games for more points.
Openbucks method is not there I did this a week ago and it was there. Make sure you are following the step by step instructions.
Quest 3 - 10k Power Quest Okay, sakicharalabidis64. You go to kingdom map, then click on your city, then click on photo to see power.
Quest 3 - 10k Power Quest I am also having trouble finding the part that displays power.
Completing Quest 2 Thanks, Sweg. You have been very helpful and quick to reply on here.
New requirements?!?! Need to be lvl 12 for almost anything...WHY???? Thanks for the update SwegSquirtle. You're awesome.
New requirements?!?! Need to be lvl 12 for almost anything...WHY???? I signed up recently. I am level 9 with 22,133 pts. I am bootcamping windows 10 to my iMac so I can get the points and exp from the PC only games. Found a key on ebay for $4 so I thought it would be worth the investment. I did the math for the remaining games and I have 9,850 exp for grabs. Learning what it takes to get to level 12, I am not happy i will never see that Amazon gift card. Even if my friend I referred does his first payout, I will still only be at 10,850 more exp. Never get to 12.