Impossible to Complete Task 3 Yeah. Building capacity sucks in this game. Best you can do is save up a bunch of quests and boosts from events/killing rogue bases and use the right before the upgrade (and pray you saved enough). At least you are allowed to quickly heal all units for cheap with the hospitals.
Impossible to Complete Task 3 Just by attacking the alt town
iSwag wrote on game forum Blade & Soul
Unable to Launch Game. Anyone else? Yeah, I read about the issues. I have Win 10. I launch the game, XINGCODE3 splash screen comes up, BnS appears in activity monitor for like 3 seconds, then the error reporter comes up. Tried all the "solutions" I could find after searching short of downgrading but no luck. Honestly, not going to downgrade Win10 just for this game though.
Impossible to Complete Task 3 Good idea with the alt account. Ive been saving tasks/rss boosts to hopefully have enough for level 12. I got wiped again so starting over. At this rate with the resource requirement being so high, I dont think I'm making it lol
Impossible to Complete Task 3 I hear you, I do, but when there is no access to a shield, a stronger player will just wipe you out. It's already happened twice lol