Where did all the xbox prizes go? I dont want PC BOOOO
Why aren't there any headsets,headphones, mice, or anything gaming related on this site? And the xbox one/Microsoft/amazon section is ass!
Quest <<<< 5 >>>> Quest 1 is LEVEL 42? The hell? Seriously why even start w/ that much chance of losing the bonus
Dont bother w/ Billionaire Casino it's literally IMPSSOBILE to get to 100 I played everyday i got to like 73. What a joke!
Harvest Land Scrwed me of my level 20 1000 points.
POP! Slots also unless it's going to pay 1200 in like 5 minutes. I got SS for Pop I'm getting paid son!
How do i get to redeem promo code again?
Quest 2 screen shot Yea this quest is broken it doesn't get approved dont waste you rpoints
Quest 2 of 5 I BUY 50 DIAMONT WITH point from gamekit i have screen shot I know i've spent 4.99 on the gold and sent it to the gamekit AND did a screenshot of both hurry up guys! this is pointless if you don't get the 6000 bonus i would've never wasted the points on it
Quest 2 expiration Yea i sent the screenshots to the in-game quest thing it got denied, so i sent all 3 to the email still nothig. I don't want to miss it i would've spent the 900 if i couldn'tve got 6000 in return.
I got Permabanned on Faceit for using the site XD I swear that site is such a pos now I guess i am here for good.
I wish teh offers on here were faster
So is this as fast as FaceIt? Hope so I'm so tired of that bs site