Olgoth wrote on game forum War Thunder
Take a screenshot before the deadline "The next quest can not be accepted if the previous one wasn't completed." Is this an unwritten rule or is the support moderator just lazy?
It is possible to complete the fourth quest Yes it's definitely possible without having to pay real money, I just finished it today. With the help off a random 50% off deal, but I was only about 500 gems away from it anyway.
Game moderators I just failed the first quest because nobody checked my screenshot for 3 days. lol It's ticket time.
Not accepted because... Thank you for the detailed response, but that's exactly what I did. Everything was visible.
Quest 2 screenshot declined... I thought they wanted the character name? That's the name I got accepted with last time and my account name is different.
Olgoth wrote on game forum Star Stable
Please send the full game window. Use F2 to get screenshots of full screen, it's an in game feature and I can confirm it works.
Olgoth wrote on game forum Guild Wars 2
Name mistake I sent them a ticket, hopefully they get back to me before the quest expires. Thanks for your help.