Quest expired during examination period Same thing happened to me. It gets accepted if you posted it before the time ends. The x will turn into a check mark when It does get accepted.
Tip for quest 3 Same. Stuck at lvl 6 with 20 hours remaining and the quest book disappeared right when I hit lvl 6.
Blocked by antivirus Download through steam.
Xenogetraloxic wrote on game forum TERA
Server problems..? US Central is in NA
No mission available after painful omen Oops. I mean after the mission Return to Baba.
Quest is waste of time I have already send a ticket. Was wondering if the quest doesn't work for number 1, does it work for number 2 & 3?
Basically impossible to do one battle(PvP) The euros servers was taking to long so I showed a PvE result instead. Turns out they do accept PvE. Thanks for the help though.
How do you show you won 1 battle? On the top at the home menu there is a thing called Dossier. The thing is that it's impossible to do a battle(PvP) since it's basically dead. I'm just wondering if you can show (PvE) battles instead.
Do you guys have a problem getting through getting your prize but don't have a cell phone? Use this site here... Use any number here and make sure you refresh the page when making an order. If you don't want to spend 50 more points on changing the phone number, then I suggest you save the number url and bookmark it.