How do I cancel or refund an order? I had my order cancelled and points refunded by sending a ticket to support just a few days ago. I told them I just got a skin shard of the reward I ordered and was it possible to refund my points or get another skin at the same amount of points/rp, the moderator refunded my points and said I can use the points for whatever I wanted to use them for. So the answer is yes it is possible, also I put the ticket in before they sent a friend request in game.
skin of choice It has to be in the shop for them to gift it to you, so be careful when ordering skins that only are in the shop for a limited amount of time, i.e. holiday skins, etc
Gamekit is absolute BS I've had that happen with a skin before and had 2 other issues with point rewards, but send a ticket in because they have corrected every ticket I've sent within 3 days after they give the first response. The support staff is really good which was a nice surprise.
Question about the Mystery Skin reward I don't have an issue, it was only a question because at this time on the NA server they are not selling Mystery Skin boxes, only Mystery Icon and Mystery Ward boxes. And I thought gifting can only be made with items in the shop when you send any gifts. I may be wrong but that's why I'm asking lol
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How is lv4 Magmar Aspects not correct in the first quest if the description says "any fraction(should say faction)" They reviewed the screenshot not long after I posted this and gave me the points. The support staff has been great with every problem that comes up, most problems are solved in less than 24 hours.